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Cluj Napoca International Airport Car Rental

Cluj Napoca International Airport Car RentalInitially known as Someşeni Airport, Cluj-Napoca International Airport is located at around 5.6 miles east of the Someseni city centre. Operated by Cluj County Council, Cluj-Napoca International Airport is the main airport in Transylvania handling around 834,400 passengers every year. The main airlines operating at Cluj-Napoca International Airport are Wizz Air, Air Bucharest, TAROM, Malév Hungarian Airlines, Lufthansa operated by Lufthansa Cityline, Carpatair and Blue Air operated by Direct Aero Services. Cluj-Napoca International Airport has a new passenger terminal building equipped with all the modern facilities. The main facilities offered at Cluj-Napoca International Airport are ATMs, currency exchange office, bar, restaurant, medical facilities, fire support and special facilities for the travelers with reduced mobility. 

The capital city of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca is served by the Cluj-Napoca International Airport. Car Hiring is the easiest and the most affordable way through which the travelers can easily travel from the airport to their desired destinations. Cluj-Napoca is a pleasant and lively city offering excellent dining options, fascinating cultural activities and a marvelous historical treasure. Cluj-Napoca has many fascinating museums like National Art Museum, Zoology Museum, National Museum of the History of Transylvania and Etnography Museum of Transylvania. Matthias Corvinus and the old St. Michael's Church in the Union Square are the must visit places of the city. The travelers can visit the Central Park and the Botanical Gardens to spend a peaceful time away from the hustle-bustle of the city.  

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