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Lasi Car Rental

Lasi City is located in the Moldavia region in the north eastern Romania. Form the most imposing Romanian architecture to being the major academic, economic and cultural epicenter of the region. Lasi city is also known by the names of Jassy and Lassy and is among some of the largest cities of Romania. The city is popularly nicknamed as “the city on seven hills” and “the city of great love”. A car hire is the most effective way to travel the city as a comfortable transportation medium.

Lasi City – Highlights

A fabulous time can be spent in Lasi city, for there numerous attractions and destinations to visit. Palace of Culture, St. Paraschiva Metropolitan Cathedral, Church of the Three Hierarchs, Roznoveanu Palace, Alexandru Bals House and National Theatre are well known architectures of Lasi city. The cityscape of the Lasi city involves plenty of gardens and parks which further enhance the beauty of the city.

Museum of Moldova, Moldavian Ethnographic Museum, Art Museum, Science and Technology Museum and Theatre Museum are some of the museums of Lasi city which have a mix of both technology and history for tourists to see. The art and creative centers of Lasi city includes Moldova Philharmonic, Opera Romana Iasi and National Theatre. Here you can enjoy opera, orchestra and ballet performances. Tourists can have a great time exploring this fantastic city only with a car hire from Romania Car Rentals.

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